Hiking near Scottsdale – 5 Fun Hikes to Do This Summer

The beautiful Phoenix suburb of Scottsdale manages to embody its Wild West roots in its charming Old Town, while still proving itself as an up-and-coming city that is home to trendy galleries, large shopping malls and excellent nightlife. Its location in Arizona’s stunning Sonoran Desert gives it a warm climate and an ever-changing backdrop of statuesque saguaro cactus, rugged mountains and wide, endless skies. Visitors to this part of Arizona should take the opportunity to explore some of Scottsdale’s many hiking trails for a chance to spot some wildlife and take in the incredible desert landscape.

Hiking near Scottsdale - 5 Fun Hikes to Do This Summer

While hiking offers the benefit of enjoying beautiful scenery, breathing fresh air and the chance to get the blood pumping in your veins, it also promises excellent long-term benefits, like reducing the chance of developing heart disease, lowering blood sugar and blood pressure levels, strengthening muscles and improving balance. Depending on the level of strenuousness, it can also be an excellent way to burn calories. Hit some of these trails around Scottsdale to work off some excess energy and enjoy the wide, picturesque vistas.

McDowell Sonoran Preserve 

Dedicated hikers will love exploring this area of Scottsdale, as it offers more than a hundred miles of hiking trails. A local favorite is the Brown’s Ranch trailhead, located on Alma School Parkway and is a moderate trail leading to Pinnacle Peak. This is an area known for spotting birds of prey roosting in trees or flying overhead, but keep your eyes on the ground as well, as there are sometimes snakes sunning themselves on the trail.  McDowell Sonoran Preserve Trail 

Hiking near Scottsdale - McDowell Sonoran Preserve

Lost Dog Wash 

This evocatively-named trail was once a favorite of Jeep-operated tour guides, given its location is tucked up against the McDowell Mountains. The trail gradually climbs upwards, featuring excellent views as far as the eye can see. Look out for Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright’s School of Architecture, which should be visible as you climb higher. Access to the trail is just off of 124th Street. Lost Dog Wash Trail 

Hiking near Scottsdale - Lost Dog Wash

Go John Trail

Part of the Cave Creek Regional Park, this trail often features glimpses of the slow-moving but fascinating desert tortoise. Depending on the time of year, it’s a great trail for enjoying the colorful desert wildflowers that spring up after a heavy rain. Parts of the trail involve steep slopes, but overall, it’s a great trail for most hikers. You’ll find Cave Creek Park near 32nd Street, with access to the trailhead there. Go John Trail 

Hiking near Scottsdale - Go John Trail

Sunrise Trail

This slightly more advanced trail is one of the area’s more strenuous hikes, but the views are spectacular. Access the trail from 136th Street, and don’t forget to pack enough water and sunscreen, as this hike will take you over 1,000 feet higher than the valley floor. Sunrise Trail 

Hiking near Scottsdale - Sunrise Trail

The Gateway Loop Trail

An excellent hike for beginners, families with small children and pets, or those who enjoy a leisurely pace, the Gateway Loop allows visitors to enjoy the peaceful desert solitude with a gentle elevation. The trail also ends exactly where it begins, making it ideal for those who only have an hour or two to devote to hiking. You’ll find the trailhead clearly marked on Thompson Peak Parkway. The Gateway Loop Trail 

Hiking near Scottsdale - The Gateway Loop Trail


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New Hilton Curio Brand Supports Unique Yet Consistent Hotels

New Hotel Brand - Curio 2015As we begin a new year, it’s a great time for travelers and industry professionals to learn about the latest hotel brands. Hilton recently launched an innovative branch known as Curio. It features luxurious independent lodging establishments that meet or exceed the chain’s high standards. Curio will allow hotel owners to make their own decisions while profiting from certain aspects of Hilton’s system.


When hotels qualify to join the collection, potential guests will know that they provide clean, comfortable rooms and top-notch service. This appeals to travelers who prefer distinctive yet high-quality lodging. Owners also benefit from the brand’s booking system and marketing efforts. If guests use the Hilton loyalty program, they can accumulate points or exchange them for rooms at any Curio location. This policy will help hotels attract new customers.


Almost 4,000 travel-related businesses participate in Hilton’s loyalty program. Travelers may redeem points at various hotels, shops, restaurants, airports and railway stations. Rewards vary from one Curio location to another. For example, Providence Biltmore guests receive 1,000 points for booking a room at this venerable property. Customers can use the HHonors website or its toll-free phone number to make lodging reservations.


Hilton plans to introduce at least eight Curio properties by 2015. They include well-known hotels in Chapel Hill, Fort Lauderdale, Rapid City, Dallas and Houston. In December 2014, the Providence Biltmore became the latest hotel to enter this collection. Travelers recognize this historic downtown property for its impressive architecture, luxurious amenities and panoramic views. The new brand also hopes to establish a Portland, Ore. location in the near future.

One Curio member is a popular hotel in northeastern Texas. The Highland Dallas offers a gourmet steakhouse, eight conference rooms and a heated swimming pool. Guests often attend high-profile sporting events at nearby stadiums. Travelers can also find a Curio resort in southern Nevada. The SLS Las Vegas boasts a massive ballroom, three nightclubs and a modern casino. Room decor ranges from contemporary to European.

The bottom line is that Curio provides owners and guests with a middle ground between complete independence and chain affiliation. Customers will benefit from Hilton standards and rewards while appreciating each hotel’s unique attributes. At the same time, property owners won’t have to sacrifice their autonomy to gain Hilton’s support. This concept has the potential to boost earnings and guest satisfaction while delivering fresh, distinctive lodging experiences.

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3 Salt Lake City Hotels that Exceed Guest Expectations

Salt Lake City is a major travel destination that attracts visitors of all types. Hotels in and around the city position themselves to meet the needs of individual travelers. There are hotels that cater to the business traveler and hotels that are aimed at the family traveler. Some hotels focus on the high-end or luxury traveler, while others market to a broader audience by offering more affordable accommodations. No matter where you prefer to stay, there is a hotel for you in Salt Lake City. Here are 3 hotels that are at the top of the class for the individual market segments they serve.
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View from the visitor center -  Great Salt Lake State Park

View from the visitor center – Great Salt Lake State Park

For folks who are visiting the Salt Lake City area, and are looking for top-notchaccommodations in the moderate price range, a hotel like the Comfort Inn & Suites ranks high among all possible options. Located at 8580 N. Highway 36 in nearby Tooele, UT, this Comfort Inn & Suites ranked first on TripAdvisor, besting the other eight hotels in Tooele.

As part of the Choice family of hotel brands, the Comfort Inn & Suites in Tooele ranked third among all Choice hotels in the U.S. and received the 2014 Choice Platinum Award in recognition of its great accomplishment. Guests are attracted to the hotel by all of the glowing reviews and when they actually stay at the Comfort Inn & Suites in Tooele, they see, first-hand, why this particular hotel is so well regarded. Management and staff provide top-notch service and always strive to exceed guest expectations.

If you are coming to Salt Lake City for business or want a hotel centrally located in the vibrant downtown area of the city, a good option is the Salt Lake City Marriott City Center. The Marriott City Center is located at 220 South State Street and is within walking distance of Temple Square and the best restaurants and shops. AAA recognizes this outstanding hotel with a 4-diamond rating. Even though the rates are a bit higher, guests will appreciate the quality of the facility and the outstanding level of service.

If you are looking for the ultimate in Salt Lake City luxury accommodations, the obvious choice is the Grand America Hotel at 555 South Main Street. Centrally located in the heart of downtown and close to everything, from shopping and restaurants to nightlife and cultural experiences, the Grand America Hotel features 775 spacious and luxurious rooms and suites. Rooms are individually decorated using hand crafted Richelieu furniture, English wool carpets, Carrara Italian marble and the finest fabrics. Suites have French doors for added privacy between sleeping space and living space. If you are willing and able to reach deep into your pocket, this is the premiere hotel in Salt Lake City.

Every guest expects their hotel room to be clean and their bed to be comfortable. Beyond that, price, location, amenities, and service help distinguish one hotel from another. In the Salt Lake City area, the Comfort Inn & Suites, the Salt Lake City Marriott City Center Hotel, and the Grand American Hotel are all top picks in the market segments they serve

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The Hotel Industry and Social Media in 2014

Social Media and Hotels 2014There’s no doubt that social media marketing is an essential resource for the hotel and travel industry. However, hotel owners and managers need to know how to effectively use this handy tool to get the desired results. As with any tool, mishandling this valuable resource will make social media marketing useless or even potentially damaging. So how can the hotel industry take advantage of social media to develop additional business? Here’s a quick look at some basic tips and potential mistakes when approaching social media marketing.

Social Media Tips

• Hotels should focus on a few chosen social media outlets rather than trying to spread themselves too thin over every website available.

• Find creative ways to engage customers in friendly competitions or upbeat sales campaigns to build a close-knit online community for the hotel’s brand.

• Mobile apps are very popular and useful to customers for finding competitive rates, making reservations and checking on any specific amenities.

• Start with a specific business goal in mind to measure any social media marketing efforts.

• Engage followers in real conversations and positive communication whenever possible.

Social Media Mistakes

• Hotels that simply build a website and hope that people will find it to make their reservations isn’t enough in today’s fast-paced social media environment.

• It’s very important to relate to current customers as well as potential clients online. Hotels that don’t actively engage in healthy conversations with their social media contacts tend to lose their followers’ interest on the web.

• It’s too much for hotels to constantly post on every social media website available. By going for quantity rather than quality, hotels will lose their audience on almost every channel.

• Hotel managers should ensure that the social media efforts are in line with the hotel’s business goals instead of producing more busywork for their employees.

• Steer clear of any comments that are not related to the hotel’s brand or affiliated traveling questions. Negative communication can quickly turn followers away from the hotel’s social media marketing efforts.

In the end, being creative and engaging with social media outlets can gain a loyal following, create repeat business and initiate additional referrals. By relating to their current customers and potential clients in a meaningful way, the hotel industry can win the social media game by staying positive and relevant with their own online community.

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What Does a Hotel General Manager Earn

Screen Shot Hotel General ManagerBeing the general manager of a hotel is a position that encompasses a wide variety of responsibilities. As the person in charge of the daily operations of the hotel, your job is to assure that everything runs smoothly. All department heads report to you and you are responsible for maintaining accountability of each department. You develop a budget and decide how your resources should be allocated to maximize efficiency and bottom-line profits. You are the person who addresses the concerns of employees and the one who has the final say on issues that affect the operation of the hotel. Most of all, you have to understand what guests want and expect, and then, set policies that will meet or exceed those expectations. A good hotel general manager does all this and more.

Median Pay for a Hotel General Manager

According to a Payscale survey of hotel general manager salaries, the median pay in the United States for the position as of September, 2014, was $51,023. The salary range of the more than 6,000 respondents who were part of the survey was between $30,956 and $97,894. The wide gap between high and low salaries is not unusual. A wide variation in hotel manager salaries is attributable to a number of factors, the most important of them being individual experience and the geographic location of the hotel.


Graduating with a degree in Hospitality Management can get you in the door to begin your career in hotel management, but experience is more important in determining the salary you will receive. A manager with less than five years of experience (entry-level) running a hotel will usually have a salary below the national median. Typically, a person with two years of experience, running a hotel with less than 100 rooms, would earn around $40,000 per year. As you gain more experience, your salary tends to rise, commensurate with that experience. Mid-career (5-10 years experience) earn slightly more or slightly less than the $51,000 national median, experienced hotel general managers (10-20 years of experience) can make $60,000-$70,000, and late-career managers, with 20+ years of experience, can command salaries of $80,000 or more.


The highest-paying hotel general manager jobs are in some of the biggest cities in the country. If you want to earn well-above the national median average salary for hotel general managers, you should try to get a job in New York, San Francisco, or San Diego.
The median salary for a hotel general manager in New York City is 120 percent above the national median at $116,000 per year. In San Francisco, second on the list for highest median salaries at 90 percent above the national median, the salary is $101,000. Coming in third among all U.S. cities is San Diego, where hotel general managers earn 66 percent above the national median, or $88,000 per year.

Hotel general manager earnings are closely tied to experience and geographic location. While the job encompasses a multitude of responsibilities, the rewards come in the form of salary, bonuses, paid benefits, and the satisfaction of knowing you helped people have an enjoyable stay away from home.

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Hotels in the Blogosphere: Why Your Hotel Should Be Blogging

Every hotel has a marketing strategy. However, if that strategy does not include social media content, then it is a very limited strategy. The most engaging way to attract new customers and retain old customers is to use social media. This growing platform has countless users, especially in the upcoming generations. Therefore, businesses have good opportunities to leverage such outlets for their economic gain.

Hotel Marketing Plan Blog and Blogging

Social media is a varied platform, including networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. While all of these sites have their own appeal, hotels in particular should also remember blogging. Blogging can have a dramatic impact. Blog posts are fun and informative, often highlighting events and programs at the hotel. Hotels can also blog about community events and tourist attractions in the vicinity.

There are three very compelling reasons to utilize a blog as part of a hotel’s marketing plan.

1. Google loves it. Every business understands that most customers utilize the Internet for their purchasing decisions, and this is especially true in the hospitality industry. The majority of customers look for hotels on the Internet, which makes search engine optimization, or SEO, so important. SEO can help improve a website’s standing in Google, which means it appears higher in a list of search results. Customers are more likely to click on links near the top of the results. Good SEO maintenance is more than keyword stuffing. Modern search engines have a much more nuanced system in place, and fresh content can help keep a website high in Google’s search results. One of the easiest ways to keep a website flush with new content is to maintain a blog.

2. Guests love it. Blogging is also an incredibly popular pastime. Many people write in such a medium for fun, and even more people follow blogs that they enjoy. In this way, a hotel blog can not only be a means of advertising the facility and the location but it can also be a way to better connect with guests. If the blog can appeal to customers on a personal level, it can be an engaging way to keep customers in tune with the hotel and the destination. This can increase the probability of repeat customers.

3. Facebook loves it. Blogging is also a great way to stay connected on other social media platforms. Many hotels have Facebook or Twitter accounts, but those accounts can be difficult to leverage well. After all, with limited posting space, it is hard to find the right thing to post. By using a blog in conjunction with these accounts, it is possible to always have something new to post. Promoting blog posts on parallel social media accounts is a great way to use all types of social media for the maximum effect.

These are reasons why every hotel should start a blog. However, having a blog is only the first step. It is essential to know how to use it correctly. To blog more effectively, consider the three following tips.

Easy Blogging with wordpress1. The platform. Blogging is a vast medium, so it is no surprise there are a variety of platforms from which to choose. While all blogging sites have distinct advantages, WordPress is one of the best. WordPress has been well refined for blogging, and it has a fantastic tagging system. In fact, by correctly tagging a post, it is possible to attract more attention. Plus, WordPress has a great interactive interface that makes commenting easy. Reblogging is also very popular, making it simple for other users to promote a post. On top of all that, there are many people who already use WordPress, making it a vibrant community to consider.

2. The structure. Blogging has been made easy thanks to supportive interfaces like WordPress. However, blogging successfully takes a bit more work. A good blog is about more than fresh content every few days. A good blog requires knowledge of SEO. This means that the blog post should have the right balance of keywords. It is also important to develop an engaging headline and an informative summary. These elements not only connect with readers but will help promote the blog on search engines.

successful blogs have great pictures

Successful blogs have great pictures Check out here

3. The pictures. The last thing to remember is that blogs are not merely about words. While there is a written component, increasing numbers of users prefer the visual elements more. Therefore, successful blogs often have quality images to anchor the post. In fact, visitors should be able to enjoy the post without reading much of it at all.

Ultimately, blogging can be an essential part of a hotel marketing plan. While some hotels rely heavily on Google AdWords, blogging can have a similar impact without the cost. A quality blog post can boost any website, putting it at the top of Google for months.

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How To Have Fun In Anaheim For Easter

Each year around Easter, Anaheim’s attractions burst with egg hunts, floral displays, and many other seasonal treats.

Photo 2014 All Rights reserved - Easter pink eggs
Anaheim thrives in the spring, and its Easter celebrations are irresistible. For starters, egg hunts are seemingly everywhere. The Anaheim Hills Rotary Club hosts a free egg hunt for families at picturesque Ronald Reagan Park. The day before Easter, children can enjoy face painting, a petting zoo, and plenty of other activities at Oak Canyon Nature Center; the Easter Bunny is available for photos there. That lovable bunny puts in another appearance at the Anaheim Indoor Marketplace on Easter Sunday. That elaborate event features a wide assortment of games and contests. And a multitude of similar events take place throughout Orange County at this time of year. 

Now, if you associate this holiday with bountiful meals, you may want to head to Buena Park on Easter morning. For a surprisingly reasonable price, the world-famous amusement park Knott’s Berry Farm offers a huge buffet and an extensive selection of Easter goodies — carrot cake and jelly beans among them. You’ll also receive all the champagne that you can drink. As you might expect, it’s wise to make reservations for this event well in advance.

Of course, for many tourists, a trip to Anaheim would be unthinkable without a stop at the Disneyland Resort. And this destination is especially lovely around Easter. The property’s countless flowers, trees, and shrubs are decked out in their most vibrant colors, and the fragrances are heavenly. What’s more, the Magic Kingdom stages Easter parades, and Disney California Adventure — Disneyland’s next-door neighbor — has giant eggs hidden all over the place. Children get a real kick out of finding those eggs and pointing them out. Naturally, Disneyland invites the Easter Bunny to visit as well. In addition, spring breakers at the Disney parks provide an extra layer of enthusiasm and energy. But fear not, parents: The college students who visit Disneyland are exceptionally well-behaved.

If all of these goings-on sound unmissable to you, you could surprise and thrill your entire family by planning an Easter visit to Anaheim and reserving your room as soon as possible.

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