3 Salt Lake City Hotels that Exceed Guest Expectations

Salt Lake City is a major travel destination that attracts visitors of all types. Hotels in and around the city position themselves to meet the needs of individual travelers. There are hotels that cater to the business traveler and hotels that are aimed at the family traveler. Some hotels focus on the high-end or luxury traveler, while others market to a broader audience by offering more affordable accommodations. No matter where you prefer to stay, there is a hotel for you in Salt Lake City. Here are 3 hotels that are at the top of the class for the individual market segments they serve.
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View from the visitor center -  Great Salt Lake State Park

View from the visitor center – Great Salt Lake State Park

For folks who are visiting the Salt Lake City area, and are looking for top-notchaccommodations in the moderate price range, a hotel like the Comfort Inn & Suites ranks high among all possible options. Located at 8580 N. Highway 36 in nearby Tooele, UT, this Comfort Inn & Suites ranked first on TripAdvisor, besting the other eight hotels in Tooele.

As part of the Choice family of hotel brands, the Comfort Inn & Suites in Tooele ranked third among all Choice hotels in the U.S. and received the 2014 Choice Platinum Award in recognition of its great accomplishment. Guests are attracted to the hotel by all of the glowing reviews and when they actually stay at the Comfort Inn & Suites in Tooele, they see, first-hand, why this particular hotel is so well regarded. Management and staff provide top-notch service and always strive to exceed guest expectations.

If you are coming to Salt Lake City for business or want a hotel centrally located in the vibrant downtown area of the city, a good option is the Salt Lake City Marriott City Center. The Marriott City Center is located at 220 South State Street and is within walking distance of Temple Square and the best restaurants and shops. AAA recognizes this outstanding hotel with a 4-diamond rating. Even though the rates are a bit higher, guests will appreciate the quality of the facility and the outstanding level of service.

If you are looking for the ultimate in Salt Lake City luxury accommodations, the obvious choice is the Grand America Hotel at 555 South Main Street. Centrally located in the heart of downtown and close to everything, from shopping and restaurants to nightlife and cultural experiences, the Grand America Hotel features 775 spacious and luxurious rooms and suites. Rooms are individually decorated using hand crafted Richelieu furniture, English wool carpets, Carrara Italian marble and the finest fabrics. Suites have French doors for added privacy between sleeping space and living space. If you are willing and able to reach deep into your pocket, this is the premiere hotel in Salt Lake City.

Every guest expects their hotel room to be clean and their bed to be comfortable. Beyond that, price, location, amenities, and service help distinguish one hotel from another. In the Salt Lake City area, the Comfort Inn & Suites, the Salt Lake City Marriott City Center Hotel, and the Grand American Hotel are all top picks in the market segments they serve

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