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Hiking near Scottsdale – 5 Fun Hikes to Do This Summer

The beautiful Phoenix suburb of Scottsdale manages to embody its Wild West roots in its charming Old Town, while still proving itself as an up-and-coming city that is home to trendy galleries, large shopping malls and excellent nightlife. Its location … Continue reading

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Hotels in the Blogosphere: Why Your Hotel Should Be Blogging

Every hotel has a marketing strategy. However, if that strategy does not include social media content, then it is a very limited strategy. The most engaging way to attract new customers and retain old customers is to use social media. … Continue reading

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Facebook for Small Businesses: What Your Company Needs to Know to Be Successful

Christopher Ratcliff’s article “How Small Businesses Can Make the Most of Facebook” is a great resource for small businesses looking to establish their presence on the social media giant, Facebook. He begins his article with statistics that show how large … Continue reading

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Best Tips for Successful Networking

Business networking fits somewhere between a fun and enjoyable social event and a no-nonsense corporate board meeting. It encourages the formation of valuable partnerships and associations, and, it can also foster real friendships. Understanding the proper behavior and etiquette at … Continue reading

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How To Become A Great Hotel Manager

Attention to minutia and, at the same time, keeping the overall “big picture” in the back of your mind seems to be a trait that all good hotel managers have. A very successful General Manager of a large, luxurious, successful … Continue reading

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